Luke Soren Nielsen

Multimedia Composer & Sound Designer

Alaska /California

Of Mice and Pretend - (Mouse Guard) - Critical Hits 40

We continue playing animal themed games this month with Mouse Guard! The patrol guard is tasked with bringing medical supplies to Stumptown, a town that lies outside the scent border in weasel country. Honored guest Bree plays Sloan, the grizzled one-eyed patrol mouse in charge of wrangling these lower ranking mice through the operation... and knows how dangerous it could be in "woozle" territory.

Mouse Guard RPG by Luke Crane based on comics by David Petersen
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Rat Is Short For Ratthew - (Pugmire) - Critical Hits 39

These good puppers and heckin doggos dive nose first into danger, hot on the trail of the missing princess, Precious Pug, who has disappeared into Silks Hollow, a former cat castle long since taken over by a strange rat cult. Featuring Josh as Isaac Dane, Amelia as Tapioca Pug, Rachel as Gwendolyn Weimaraner, and our honored guest Matt as Bo Mutt, a free dog formerly known as Bocephus Bluenose.

Pugmire by Onyx Path Publishing
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

The Sands of Crime Pt.4 - (Dungeon World) - Critical Hits 38

The final episode of our month-long campaign playing Dungeon World in the expansive desert. What lies through the archway of teeth? Is that pit enough to stop the Grave Warden of maggots? What can we do to thwart the will of the Queen of Chaos? Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion with Alana and Morgan.

Content Warning: Violence and Euthanasia

Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Three Feats to the Wind - (Dungeons and Dragons 5E) - Critical Hits 33

We play our first game of A C T U A L Dungeons and Dragons 5E at the request of our guest GM Richard. The party sets out on their mandatory paid time off from the Adventurer's Guild on a vacation to wine country, where the grapes are ripe and everyone prefers bloodsport to theatre at the local Colosseum. After drinking some homebrew from a glittering beauty we have to retrace our steps from the crazy night before. Who is this mysterious stranger and what exactly did we get up to last night?

Dungeons and Dragons 5E by Wizards of the Coast
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Revved 4 Dead - (We That Remain) - Critical Hits 31

Fan favorite Shannon Mertes joins us as our first guest GM in our theme month. The crew finds themselves as a team of scientists researching a cure for the government virus that has gotten out of control and has now infected the surrounding population. Follow along as we try to bring the cure to the main facility through a creepy forest full of reanimated corpses by the light of the full moon. 

We That Remain by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Candy: The Landening - (Candy Land) - Critical Hits 30

The gang plays an RPG classic from our childhoods: Candy Land 3.5 Edition. While some of you may remember the original 1948 Candy Land, we brought into the studio the 1985 source book from the crunchiest edition die-hard players love. Bust out those THAC0 tables, dig out the tokens, dust off your cards, and unzip those pleather dice bags as the adventuring party sets out on a classic quest to save the Candy Kingdom!

Candy Land by Milton Bradley
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Critical Hits 29 - Brought to You by Hammond's Pork-Style Cutlets - (Force Blade Punk)

Join us as murderpop teenage superstars who fight through semi truck rallies, corporate sponsorship deals, and a reality TV Bachelor pad with the opposing team where we have to showdown through a crazy obstacle course relay race. Featuring Eric as Duke Swansons and Bree as Moon Platoon. Remember Bree as Borgana from our very first episode?

Force Blade Punk by Grant Howitt was a runner up in the 200 word RPG contest in 2015
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Smugglin' for a Snugglin' - (Lady Blackbird) - Critical Hits 27


The smuggler crew of The Owl is hired by Lady Blackbird to escape her arranged marriage on the Imperial world of Illysium and give her safe passage to her once secret lover: the pirate king Uriah Flint, who lives in the far reaches of the Remnants. They have been captured near Haven by an Imperial cruiser and are being interrogated in the brig. Will they escape the ship? Can they navigate the asteroid-riddled Remnants to Uriah's secret lair? Will Lady Blackbird & he keep the spark alive if they do make it? Find out with special guests Rob & Tyler!

Lady Blackbird by John Harper
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Sandy Dreams & Dank Memes Part 2 - (Golden Sea) - Critical Hits 26

The merchant crew travels farther North East toward the fabled Golden Spire searching for the lost crew of the SS Posterior and her captain Levi Wrangler with new information from Dalbert Cheinstein and his book Mythical Spires for Small Brained Dummies. Featuring special guests Matt as the big brained William Turusky and Morgan as Horace from the lonely fortress.

Golden Sea by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Sandy Dreams & Dank Memes Part 1 - (Golden Sea) - Critical Hits 25

The crew sets out from the Maiden's Hand on orders from the Crown in their merchant vessel across the desert sands to search for a missing ship that was headed to the Golden Tower in the far North East where none of our characters have been before... only heard the legends. Featuring special guests Matt as the big brained William Turusky and Morgan as Horace from the lonely fortress.

Golden Sea by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

The Eyes Have It - (The Witch is Dead) - Episode 24

Join our little crew of Soren, Rachel, Josh and Amelia as woodland creatures who are familiars to a witch… and she just died! They might be able to save her if they can find her killer's eyes and throw them into the talking portal that serves as her last will & testament. If they can only figure out who killed their witch!

The Witch is Dead by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Wizards of Beverly Hills - (The Guild of Orpheus) - Episode 23

Soren, Amelia and Josh are joined by special guests Val and Timmy as wizards on a quest to the Tomb of Unknown Horrors. Many gruesome pitstops and cool magic spells later, the group has to track down adult film star Black Stallion to solve the murder of a pop icon. 

Guild of Orpheus by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Bearing Down on Crime - (Drunken Bear Fighter) - Critical Hits 22

Join Soren, Josh, Amelia, Shannon & Rachel as they take on the roles of a high security clearance team of Drunken Bear Fighters, special ops that take down drunken bears! One expert Russian, one expert bear, and one expert fighter... with her pixie companion try to take down the twin kingpins of the Russian Mafia and Drunken Bears at the same vodka festival.

Drunken Bear Fighter by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Strange Days at Mulberry Park Pt.4 - (D20 Modern) - Critical Hits 21

These heroes have crazy powers and the demons are even crazier! What fresh hell awaits in Shellcago? Do they ever rescue Dougie from the shadow realm? Find out on this week's thrilling conclusion of the month-long D20 Modern campaign.

D20 Modern by Wizards of the Coast
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen