Luke Soren Nielsen

Multimedia Composer & Sound Designer

Alaska /California

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An Extremely Goofy Space Western - (All Out of Bubblegum) - Critical Hits 15

Soren the GM of Critical Hits and Tara, the GM of KSUA, joins the usual gang - Josh, Amelia & Rachel - to take off on a mission into the frontier... of space! Tune in as they attempt to save their ship, rescue Tammy's robot children from the evil corporate headquarters, and eat so much bubblegum they feel a bit ill.

All Out of Bubblegum by Michael *Epoch* Sullivan and Jeffery Grant
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Cheese Hair Don't Care - (Everyone is John) - Critical Hits 2

John outruns the secret service, wears a cursed fashion scarf, and throws the opening pitch of a Forks v Sporks baseball game, all while harboring a dark slimy alien secret. Featuring Luke, Amelia, Josh, and Rachel.

Everyone is John by Michael B. Sullivan
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen


Ska Is Not Dead, But Cyberzombies Are - (Lasers & Feelings) - Critical Hits 1

The first episode of Critical Hits on KSUA, featuring Luke, Amelia, Josh, Phil, Bree, and Rachel. The crew of fighter craft Raptor are sent by space Barack Obama to the planet XR122 to locate the remains of the Federation Ship USS Rad Dudes.

Lasers & Feelings by John Harper
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen