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Multimedia Composer & Sound Designer

Alaska /California

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The Bears and the Bees - (Honey Heist) - Critical Hits 17

Ted and Lida are back, this time as huge bears that are also huge criminals! They've brought the stunning Joe out of retirement, back into a life of crime and joined up forces with Rachel, Amelia & Josh for the heist of their lives. Who bearly keeps their cool and goes through with the heist, who will go honey-wild and bear-el into trouble, and who will be tempted by the life of crime bearing down on them?

Honey Heist by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Magnethands Nipping at Your Nose - (Dr. Magnethands) - Critical Hits 16

Special holiday flavored guests, Ted and Lida, join Soren, Amelia, Josh & Rachel as they try to stop the evil doctor magnethands from launching his radioactive castle on the moon into the White House on this, actual Christmas Eve!

Doctor Magnethands by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

An Extremely Goofy Space Western - (All Out of Bubblegum) - Critical Hits 15

Soren the GM of Critical Hits and Tara, the GM of KSUA, joins the usual gang - Josh, Amelia & Rachel - to take off on a mission into the frontier... of space! Tune in as they attempt to save their ship, rescue Tammy's robot children from the evil corporate headquarters, and eat so much bubblegum they feel a bit ill.

All Out of Bubblegum by Michael *Epoch* Sullivan and Jeffery Grant
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

My Way or the Sub Way - (Roll for Shoes) - Critical Hits 13

Tune in to the freshest superheroes around as they fight for their memories and their lives. Join Rachel, Richard, Shannon, Soren and Matt as intrepid fast food mascots on this week's Critical Hits!

Roll for Shoes by Ben Wray
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Boo Bah Humbug - (Searchers of the Unknown) - Critical Hits 12

A little old school dungeon crawl finds our heroes struggling to survive in the ancient Dwarven city beneath Mt. Thrall. Join Soren, Rachel, Amelia, Josh, Phil and Richard as we delve too greedily and too deep for spicy content!

Searchers of the Unknown by Nicolas Dessaux
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen


2 Trash 2 Furious - (Police Cops) - Critical Hits 11

It was a day like any other on our cop's beat until the chief hands them their greatest case ever... The mayor's son missing, illegal steet racing, and a full throttle dose of mystery. Join Shannon, Soren, Josh, Rachel, & Amelia for this week's action packed episode of Critical Hits!

Police Cops by Top Secret Games
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Fortune Favors the Kobolds - (Kobold Story) - Critical Hits 10

Yip! Yip! Ack! This week a tribe of Kobolds dutifully serves their necromancer lord as they dive deep into the massive tomb of definitely not dwarves. Will our Kobolds replenish the supply of necromantic skeletons and heroically lower the bottom line? Find out on this week's exciting episode of Critical Hits! Featuring special guests: Richard Atkin and Dawson

Kobold Story by Ilya Bossov
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen


The Whack Plague - (Swords and Scrolls) - Critical Hits 9

A vicious plague, a village on the brink of annihilation, an enchanted dragon! Join Soren, Rachel, Josh and Amelia as they embark on an epic quest through the Black Forest to save the small village of Dirt-apples-ville.

Swords and Scrolls (based on Lasers and Feelings by John Harper)
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Mall Brawl 2K17 - (All Flesh Must Be Eaten) - Critical Hits 8

It was just another totally not spooky day at the mall, until ZOMBIES ATTACKED. Featuring Soren, Amelia, Josh, Rachel, and two guests from the UAF film club: Jared as the dangerous detective, and Richard as the inscrutable priest. No human infants were harmed in the making of this episode.

Spooky October horror series 5/5

All Flesh Must Be Eaten by Eden Studios
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen



Dare to Dream - (Heroes of Horror) - Critical Hits 7

After weeks of treacherous mountain travel, an adventuring party seeks respite in a little farming town with a shadowy secret. Their goal is to find the ancient and powerful Dream Book 2.0, rumored to grant the power to traverse the Plane of Dreams. Featuring Soren, Amelia, Josh, Rachel, and guest Shannon Mertes as the charming bard, Meriel Mossglen.

Spooky October horror series 4/5

Dungeons and Dragons v3.5: Heroes of Horror by Wizards of the Coast
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen


Weekend at Johnny’s - (Teen Sleuths) - Critical Hits 6

Chaz, Myshkin, Dev, and Tabitha join the captain of the football team for a wild party at his uncle's cabin for the weekend. When Johnny is dragged off by a strange beast, leaving the party unexpectedly, the four teens must track him down. Will the teens solve the case in time save their friend? And what's up with that spooky manor? Featuring Soren, Amelia, Josh, Rachel, and Donald.

Spooky October horror series 3/5

Teen Sleuths by Luke Soren Nielsen and Rachel Elmer
(based on Lasers & Feelings by John Harper)
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen


Shia's Death Maze and the Chamber of Human Remains - (Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf) - Critical Hits 4

Four extras are hunted by the lead actor Shia LaBeouf on the set of the new Indiana Jones/Transformers crossover movie. Featuring Luke, Amelia, Josh, Rachel and guest Michael Romanovsky from the show Rico's Pizza as Brian Picklesworth driving a moped out of Optimus Prime's oily birth canal.

Spooky October horror series 1/5

Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf on reddit
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen


Ska Is Not Dead, But Cyberzombies Are - (Lasers & Feelings) - Critical Hits 1

The first episode of Critical Hits on KSUA, featuring Luke, Amelia, Josh, Phil, Bree, and Rachel. The crew of fighter craft Raptor are sent by space Barack Obama to the planet XR122 to locate the remains of the Federation Ship USS Rad Dudes.

Lasers & Feelings by John Harper
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen