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Multimedia Composer & Sound Designer

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The Eyes Have It - (The Witch is Dead) - Episode 24

Join our little crew of Soren, Rachel, Josh and Amelia as woodland creatures who are familiars to a witch… and she just died! They might be able to save her if they can find her killer's eyes and throw them into the talking portal that serves as her last will & testament. If they can only figure out who killed their witch!

The Witch is Dead by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Wizards of Beverly Hills - (The Guild of Orpheus) - Episode 23

Soren, Amelia and Josh are joined by special guests Val and Timmy as wizards on a quest to the Tomb of Unknown Horrors. Many gruesome pitstops and cool magic spells later, the group has to track down adult film star Black Stallion to solve the murder of a pop icon. 

Guild of Orpheus by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Bearing Down on Crime - (Drunken Bear Fighter) - Critical Hits 22

Join Soren, Josh, Amelia, Shannon & Rachel as they take on the roles of a high security clearance team of Drunken Bear Fighters, special ops that take down drunken bears! One expert Russian, one expert bear, and one expert fighter... with her pixie companion try to take down the twin kingpins of the Russian Mafia and Drunken Bears at the same vodka festival.

Drunken Bear Fighter by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Strange Days at Mulberry Park Pt.4 - (D20 Modern) - Critical Hits 21

These heroes have crazy powers and the demons are even crazier! What fresh hell awaits in Shellcago? Do they ever rescue Dougie from the shadow realm? Find out on this week's thrilling conclusion of the month-long D20 Modern campaign.

D20 Modern by Wizards of the Coast
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Strange Days at Mulberry Park Pt.2 - (D20 Modern) - Critical Hits 19

Time has passed in our D20 Modern campaign and our cast of characters has become a demon fighting team! Featuring: Richard as Dan the Demon Hunter, Shannon as Ranger Winifred with her trusted pup Johan Sebastian Bark, Amelia as Corina the EMT turned Holy Healer, Josh as Maxwell the Psychic Bartender, and Rachel as Violet the Occultist Librarian Grad Student.

D20 Modern by Wizards of the Coast
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Strange Days at Mulberry Park Pt.1 - (D20 Modern) - Critical Hits 18

The gang sets out on a four episode arc in the urban center nestled next to the Mulberry International Wildlife Preserve that spans into the Canadian border. Listen to Shannon, Richard, Rachel, Amelia & Josh investigate the strange disappearances and scorched symbols that mark the grizzly scenes. Something powerful is afoot.

D20 Modern by Wizards of the Coast
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

The Bears and the Bees - (Honey Heist) - Critical Hits 17

Ted and Lida are back, this time as huge bears that are also huge criminals! They've brought the stunning Joe out of retirement, back into a life of crime and joined up forces with Rachel, Amelia & Josh for the heist of their lives. Who bearly keeps their cool and goes through with the heist, who will go honey-wild and bear-el into trouble, and who will be tempted by the life of crime bearing down on them?

Honey Heist by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Magnethands Nipping at Your Nose - (Dr. Magnethands) - Critical Hits 16

Special holiday flavored guests, Ted and Lida, join Soren, Amelia, Josh & Rachel as they try to stop the evil doctor magnethands from launching his radioactive castle on the moon into the White House on this, actual Christmas Eve!

Doctor Magnethands by Grant Howitt
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

An Extremely Goofy Space Western - (All Out of Bubblegum) - Critical Hits 15

Soren the GM of Critical Hits and Tara, the GM of KSUA, joins the usual gang - Josh, Amelia & Rachel - to take off on a mission into the frontier... of space! Tune in as they attempt to save their ship, rescue Tammy's robot children from the evil corporate headquarters, and eat so much bubblegum they feel a bit ill.

All Out of Bubblegum by Michael *Epoch* Sullivan and Jeffery Grant
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Weekend at Johnny’s - (Teen Sleuths) - Critical Hits 6

Chaz, Myshkin, Dev, and Tabitha join the captain of the football team for a wild party at his uncle's cabin for the weekend. When Johnny is dragged off by a strange beast, leaving the party unexpectedly, the four teens must track him down. Will the teens solve the case in time save their friend? And what's up with that spooky manor? Featuring Soren, Amelia, Josh, Rachel, and Donald.

Spooky October horror series 3/5

Teen Sleuths by Luke Soren Nielsen and Rachel Elmer
(based on Lasers & Feelings by John Harper)
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen


Shia's Death Maze and the Chamber of Human Remains - (Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf) - Critical Hits 4

Four extras are hunted by the lead actor Shia LaBeouf on the set of the new Indiana Jones/Transformers crossover movie. Featuring Luke, Amelia, Josh, Rachel and guest Michael Romanovsky from the show Rico's Pizza as Brian Picklesworth driving a moped out of Optimus Prime's oily birth canal.

Spooky October horror series 1/5

Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf on reddit
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen


Ska Is Not Dead, But Cyberzombies Are - (Lasers & Feelings) - Critical Hits 1

The first episode of Critical Hits on KSUA, featuring Luke, Amelia, Josh, Phil, Bree, and Rachel. The crew of fighter craft Raptor are sent by space Barack Obama to the planet XR122 to locate the remains of the Federation Ship USS Rad Dudes.

Lasers & Feelings by John Harper
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen