Luke Soren Nielsen

Multimedia Composer & Sound Designer

Alaska /California

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My Way or the Sub Way - (Roll for Shoes) - Critical Hits 13

Tune in to the freshest superheroes around as they fight for their memories and their lives. Join Rachel, Richard, Shannon, Soren and Matt as intrepid fast food mascots on this week's Critical Hits!

Roll for Shoes by Ben Wray
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen

Mall Brawl 2K17 - (All Flesh Must Be Eaten) - Critical Hits 8

It was just another totally not spooky day at the mall, until ZOMBIES ATTACKED. Featuring Soren, Amelia, Josh, Rachel, and two guests from the UAF film club: Jared as the dangerous detective, and Richard as the inscrutable priest. No human infants were harmed in the making of this episode.

Spooky October horror series 5/5

All Flesh Must Be Eaten by Eden Studios
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen



Dare to Dream - (Heroes of Horror) - Critical Hits 7

After weeks of treacherous mountain travel, an adventuring party seeks respite in a little farming town with a shadowy secret. Their goal is to find the ancient and powerful Dream Book 2.0, rumored to grant the power to traverse the Plane of Dreams. Featuring Soren, Amelia, Josh, Rachel, and guest Shannon Mertes as the charming bard, Meriel Mossglen.

Spooky October horror series 4/5

Dungeons and Dragons v3.5: Heroes of Horror by Wizards of the Coast
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen