Luke Soren Nielsen

Multimedia Composer & Sound Designer

Alaska /California

Lorestravaganza Part 2 - (AD&D 2nd Ed) - Critical Hits 48

This month we embark on a lore-building adventure as each of the Critical Hits family takes turns running a one-shot game in the world we are building together over the ages of this place.

Josh picks up the story 17 years in the future after a long war broke out over the elemental pillars. The goblins ended up with two and are offering one as the Olympic torch and prize to the winning nation. Our heroes find themselves at the games: a Goblin tech-wizard, a Dwarven druid, and a Lizard competing in the triathlon. Follow along to discover what the secret cult is doing as things get FIREY!

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons by TSR
Music by Luke Soren Nielsen